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Our Mission

We will realize a society where ultrasound diagnostic support AI will connect you to a specialist if there is a symptom through a casual examination with your doctor anytime, anywhere.

Our Story

Since 2020, when AI was not as developed as it is now, research has been continuously conducted on the possibilities of medical AI. Only by connecting research results to society and clinical sites can we make people smile.

​However, there was a conflict in moving forward from research.

There are many things I don't understand, but the problems facing the medical field in the future, such as the uneven distribution of doctors between regions, represented by the problem of doctors on remote islands, and the aging of doctors, are becoming more and more serious.

AI will take jobs. It may be said, but it is difficult in any area to secure a specialist who can rush to a depopulated area late at night. It is important to support people with aspirations and systems, but I started the business with the idea that if AI can be used as a tool, problems can be solved.

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