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Company Profile

Established 2023.3.31

​ Founder Kenya Kusunose

Capital 1,000,000 JPY

Corporate number    2480001012052

management team

Kenya Kusunose    Masatoshi Taketani

​notice regarding the use of public research funds


We will properly operate and manage public research funds under the following responsibility system, and prevent the improper use of public research funds and misconduct in research activities.  

General Manager: Representative Director 

Role: Has the authority and responsibility to oversee the entire corporation regarding the improvement of research ethics and the prevention of misconduct.  

Research Ethics Education Officer: Research Director

Role: Has substantial responsibility and authority for research ethics education for researchers.  

[Contact point for complaints, etc.] 

Research misconduct contact:

In charge of reporting to our management department


The subject of the report is the improper use of research funds and misconduct in research activities in general.

Personal information (including e-mail address) provided at the time of reporting will not be used for purposes other than requesting cooperation in specific investigations and reporting the results of investigations.

Quality Policy

Through medical DXing, we aim to enhance the working environment for medical professionals by contributing to the development of a healthcare system that optimally utilizes data. Our fundamental philosophy is to improve the conditions for medical professionals by fostering a medical care system that effectively incorporates data through medical DXing.


To actualize this fundamental philosophy, we have formulated the following "Quality Policy" and are committed to implementing it in our business activities:


1.We value the insights of healthcare professionals and endeavor to achieve customer satisfaction by continually evolving our products and services.

2.We will manage our business operations through our quality management system, striving for continuous improvement.

3.Our employees will be conscious of their respective roles and responsibilities concerning quality management, working collaboratively to implement them.

4.We will make concerted efforts to comply with laws, regulations, and customer requirements.


December 1, 2023

Southwood Inc.

Representative: Kenya Kusunose

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